Why Doing Heavy Lifting Doesn’t Give Any Result?

Who doesn’t want to get a nicely built body with abs? It’s a quite serious issue for man out there. Nowadays, having perfect body weight is no longer enough. The world demands more with more abs. I am not talking trash if you see how they depict ideal man in media. It’s always a man with six-pack built body. This is the reason why people keep coming to the gym or fitness center. They try rebuilding their lean muscle and provoking the muscle growth. Where do they go then? Yes, it’s typical heavy lifting. Does it actually help? It helps, but doing it every day doesn’t promise you anything.

A lot of body building program suggest people to keep increasing the weight for every heavy lifting phase. Well, it makes you stronger in return, but it doesn’t really provoke the optimal muscle growth. In the end, people gets easily fatigue and tired. In Ben Pakulski’s MI40, we stress on the tension rather than the weight. It’s important to train within our balance and capability. We’re doing heavy lifting, but we don’t increase the weight. In certain weight we think optimal and quite heavy, we keep training over time until our muscle gets its tension. Under the tension, muscle will be provoked to grow and that’s what we intended.

In MI40, we always train under portion, not randomly doing anything without limit. More people doing other body building program keep asking themselves during the training about whether it’s already enough or not; or whether it’s lacking or not. In MI40, we know how much should we train. We have target and portion. We’re doing things within 40 days. We relax between sets in 40 minutes and train again in 40 minutes. We’re not training until our body worn out. We optimize mostly the weak parts so it can support the strong parts.

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