Virtual gym training: MI40 Workout program

MI40 workout program consists of a comprehensive fitness program that assures body builders and those interested in building muscles of simpler way that takes a short time to achieve the desired goal. MI40 workout program is a product developed by professional body builder and most importantly fitness coach Ben Pakulski. Ben Pakulski being a body builder himself, over the years during his workouts and intense trainings to achieve his goal, came to learn a few tricks that enabled him come up with a program so simple yet quite resourceful to people sharing the same passion he has.

Comprehensive overview of MI40 workout

An abbreviation of the word “Mass Intention 40”, MI40 contains both physical and nutritional training manual demonstrated using 8 hours videos meant to guide people on how to turn their simple physique into professional fitness models. The program is designed to take 5 days per week and involves super intense workouts. Fortunately, everyone interested in building muscles knows that attaining that great body isn’t a walk in the park.

What you get with this workout program

60 day money guarantees back- yes, this is the first thing that shows how authentic this product is. Ben Pakulski promises to refund back if the product doesn’t work the way you expected it to.

Training manual – fully demonstrated using engaging videos intended to make viewers understand easily.

Nutritional manual – on top of training manual, it is important that one feeds himself with the right food. In MI40 workouts program, you will find detailed set of foods and feeding habits that you are supposed to adopt in the course of your training.

Printable workout sheet – people forget easily and that is why MI40 workout was incorporated with printable workout sheets that can be printed and packed inside your gym bag for perusal just in case you forget.

What you stand to gain

In simple words possible, having MI40 workout program at your disposal is literally being Ben Pakulski’s student, only student. You get all the attention you deserve and have the freedom to revisit the video any time you feel like. After the completion of the program, without doubt, you will be flexing you new hard achieved muscles.

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