The Secret of Number 40 in Building Muscle Effectively

Do you know what the meaning of number 40 in muscle building is? If you don’t, then you have done your exercise wrong all this time. Number 40 means everything in muscle building, especially in Ben Pakulski’s MI40 muscle building program. Training your muscle is never easy. There is no shortcut and you always have to work hard. But working hard is not enough if you do everything in the wrong way. This is where the number 40 in MI40 plays its role. Do you want to know what number 40 has to do with fast and effective muscle building? Here are the explanations for you.

40 Seconds for Each Set

Actually, you don’t have to spend too much time in one set. 40 seconds of good exercise movement will be enough to show excellent result. 40 seconds is the most optimum amount of time to trigger muscle atrophy. And it turns out that 40 seconds is the right Time Under Tension (TUT) your muscle need to be built effectively.

40 Seconds Rest between Sets

After putting your muscle under pressure, you will need time to rest before continuing to the next set. And just like the exercise, it turns out that 40 seconds is the most perfect time to rest. This 40 seconds is crucial in opening energy pathway that will be beneficial in accelerating the growth spurt of the muscle.

40 Days of Training

Number 40 doesn’t come out of nowhere. It is the result of long research and training to find the most optimum working out time and it turns out to be 40. 40 days or about six weeks is the most excellent time in growing your muscle effectively. More importantly, this program will work for everyone, young and old, athlete or ordinary people who wants to be healthier and looks better. Keep doing the training program religiously and the lucky number 40 in MI40 will deliver the best result.

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