Mi40 Secret Exercise Guide

Mi40 Secret Exercise Guide is my secret weapon for bodybuilding contest prep. Plus, with summer just around the corner, seasoned bodybuilders alike should get after this program. The Mi40 Secret Exercise Guide is my new “go-to” source for how stage ready in only 40 days – it works.
Mi40 Secret Exercise Guide is a training program like no other, and it’s no joke. With the “MI” standing for Mass Intentions, this program stays true to it’s name. You will grow. And you will gain mass. I don’t recommend this program for novice bodybuilders. It requires a serious athletic foundation and strong willpower to stick to this plan. Plus, your nutrition needs to be on point, and I know that when I was just starting out, that is something that I really struggled with. On this plan, you won’t lift heavy, instead you will achieve maximum tension on your muscles, something only an advanced and trained bodybuilder can achieve properly.

Mi40 Secret Exercise Guide is 40 days long (hence the “40” in Mi40). There are 40 exercises to do, with a 40 second rest between each exercise, for a total of a 40 minute workout. The creator of this, Ben Pakulski, has a method to this, because it works, and you start seeing results almost after just a couple of workouts.
After training for 5 days a week, with cardio on my “rest” days, upping my BCAA intake, and zoning in on my diet, I am very happy to report back that I have gained incredible mass and size. Most notably, in both my quads and shoulders, two areas I have struggled with in the past.

I would definitely recommend this program to any serious bodybuilder who wants to up his game. This program is challenging, and takes determination and grit, but with the right will power, you will see the results that you are after.

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