MI40 Intensive Program

The MI40 workout program is a program that most individuals use in their endeavor to shape and have fit bodies as fast than someone can imagine. The MI refers to mass intention which is a technique of controlling intentional muscles while lifting and making deliberate movements to build the mass weight. The number 40 on MI40 program usually refers to number of days that you will spend in the workout program, number of exercises you will be required to do and learn about as well as the number of minutes that you will spend in the workout. Most of the services provider will refund you the money if you get into the program and find that the 60days guarantee elapses without noting any changes in your body or you if you find out that the workout don’t work well on you in your endeavor to shape yourself and gain fitness.

Mass intention 40 or perhaps let me call it MI40 as it is being referred by most individuals worldwide is a short 40 day resistance training package by Ben Pakulski IFBB bodybuilder. The workout program is for someone who wants to get fit and contains nutritional manuals, training programs and an eight hour demonstration video of how to do every exercise during the workouts all alone if you wish.

MI40 intensive program is geared towards those who have little or interest and with some little previous training experience. If you want to gain a pro builder level or professional fitness model, this program is for you. It is a super intensive five day program that doesn’t tolerate the faint hearted or someone who has never heard any formal training in weight lifting or workout program. Each session in MI40 program has six to nine exercises in every training session per day which lasts for about 40 minutes. Most have 4 sets of around 8 reps.

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