Effectively Build Muscles with The MI40 Program

For those of you who are dedicated to building your muscle to its full potential, you should try out the MI40 which provides you a complete program to do so.

What Is the MI40?

It is short for Mass Intentions 40, and it was written by Ben Pakulski who is a pro-bodybuilder and is world renowned. According to him, muscles can “feel” torque instead of “knowing’ pounds. This means that the number of pounds that a person lifts is not what matters, but instead, the important things are how the muscles use a full range of movements in moving the bar under maximum tension.
The two techniques that the author writes about in his book in order to apply this challenging approach are the Mass Intentions and Neurological Overload Sets. As for the number 40, it is the constant number that is applied to everything that relates to the program. Completing a set as well as resting takes 40 seconds, the workouts last for 40 minutes, there are 40 exercises, the program lasts for 40 days and it goes on.

If you believe that quality resistance is more important to focus on than believing the approach of the heavier the better, you will love this program and love the results even more because you will feel your muscles truly working and witness them growing.

A Review on The MI40

Overall, the program is suitable for any bodybuilders who are motivated. Although it is mainly suitable for men, women can also turn to this program and use it with success. In terms of experience level, anyone ranging from intermediate to advanced level of experience should be able to use it too. The program is very comprehensive and it also comes with reference manuals that are very organized and videos that are professionally made. You can access and follow it easily using your smartphone.

The pros of the program are that it was made by a top bodybuilder himself who is authoritative and knowledgeable, so you should be able to trust the program to work from that alone. They program is practical, hands-on, provide you references that are easy to follow, accurate, and effective. The only cons in regard to the program are that it is not suitable for those who are absolute beginners because the muscle building techniques are pretty hardcore. You can get the MI40 for $77 and there is a money back guarantee to it.

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