Discover a complete and effective body building with MI4OX

One of the biggest dream of most people is to get a harmless and simple solution that can help them get rid of excess fat, regain body shape and build muscle. There are countless diet plans and programs out there which claim to give very fast and instant results. However, most of these are just scams while others aren’t as effective as they claim. It is a fact that a diet plan can help you lose 2-3 pounds of excess weight but you will also lose some muscles. Mi40x is a diet plan aimed at helping people gain muscles and lose extra weight.


This is a body building systems that will help the user increase size and build nuscles in a short period of time. By utilizing the CEP training and adding some few hours to your workout, you will greatly enhance muscle progress.

The program’s secret is not on spending endless hours on the gym or on taking supplements. Instead, the program utilizes the CEP (cell-expansion protocol). The training is specific and unique to different body parts. The training takes about 4 minutes of your time. The key to the program is to incorporate CEP training into your workouts for maximum gains.

The program was developed by Ben Pakulski, an experienced bodybuilded who have won numerous body building competitions.


The Mi40x package is a set of guides and books that clearly explain the entire system and the science behind each technique. It also has various nutritional and exercise guides. Some of the books included in the program are:

1. 7-day primer phase-This book serves as a primer to the actual CEP training. In this book, proper execution of these exercises is taught. The book is accompanied by video guides to help follow the program correctly.

2. 7-day detox diet- A correction of diets to be used 7 days before the program. This is to prepare your body for what to come.

3. Rapid-start action plan-this is a 5-minute video that gets you started quickly on the program.

4. Nutritional guide-explains on what to eat, how much and when.

5. Supplement guide-narrows down the important and useful supplements.

If you are disappointed by your workout, then it is time to go the Mi40X way. It utilizes its unique CEP training to help enhance the muscle building progress. It is straightforward, simple and will take you where you need to be.

The bottom line

This is a product in its own class.

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