Build your muscles easily through Mi40X

What is Mi40X?

The Mi40X, which represents the Mi40 Xtreme 2.0, is a muscle building program that asserts to be two times faster than the traditional weight training. It assists users to construct muscles within a shorter time period. The secret behind this program is a comprehensive package that comes with complete details of this workout program, including different other tools to assist the process.

How the program works?

At the heart of the Mi40X program workout is Cell Expansion Protocol, which is a workout method. This workout method uses satellite cells, produced by your body to fix the muscle damage after exercises. Through tricking your body into manufacturing additional satellite cells, it simultaneously increases the rate of recovery and the rate of growth of your muscle. The ultimate effect is the dramatic muscle growth that cannot be achieved through the traditional weight training.

Who is the brain behind this program?

The brain behind this program is Ben Pakulski, who is a professional bodybuilder and the winner of the Mr. Canada competition of 2008. In recent times, he has also improved his ranking continuously in the Arnold Classic contest, attaining the tenth position in 2011, fourth position in 2012, and second position in 2013.

What the program includes?

When you buy the Mi40X program, you will get everything that is required to get the positive effects as promised by the program. The long list of available products includes:

v A five-minute video of the CEP Rapid Start Action Plan, which contains everything, required to get started.

v A video library of the CEP Training, containing simple-to-follow videos of the CEP exercises.

v Videos, containing all the exercises of the program.

v A comprehensive guide on the CEP Practical Application, explaining the theory behind the procedure and the way to use it in the real world.

v A guide to nutrition, explaining the nutritional needs in an easy-to0understand fashion.

v A guide, comprising the list of all supplements you can make the most to achieve the best outcomes.

v A guide, featuring FAQs that users are inclined to have, with answers.

v Workout Sheets, which are customized for novices, intermediate and advanced training levels.

v The seven-day primer stage, which gets you ready for the program.

v A seven-day Detox diet list to maximize your nutrition and let you unlock improved effects.

v An exercise implementation guide with the appropriate explanation about each and every exercise.

v A copy of the CEP Training, which assists you avoid careless mistakes that result in undesirable consequences.

What are the benefits of the program?

v The Mi40X program is designed by a professional bodybuilder, certified by the IFBB.

v The program has undergone research in several universities.

v It comes with a unique exercise method.

v It offers results quickly.

v It comes with a 60-day money back warranty.


As part of the Mi40X program, Ben Pakulski has guaranteed that the package comes with everything that you will have to get the promised effects. As the program comes with an attractive money back warranty, you are not going to lose anything in buying this easy muscle-building program.

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