A Comprehensive Review of the Mi40X Program by Ben Pakulski

Ben Pakulski is an expert of bodybuilding. Committed and accomplished, Ben has worked for a long time to give this profitable guidance to others in the form of the Mi40x program. Pakulski commits this whole program to the fellows who have lean muscle mass and need to develop existing training to achieve a more formidable set of muscles.

Who is Ben Pakulski?

The fame of Pakulski’s product derives fundamentally from his own skill. As an expert bodybuilder, Ben had got to a stage in his life where he struggled to build his muscle. After attempting and testing different techniques to enhance his muscle gain, he started making notes concerning what had worked and what didn’t. Through close examination of his notes, he created the Mi40 program, which helped other individuals far and wide to accomplish their objectives in a safe and simple approach.

What makes MI40X different?

Pakulski encourages inconspicuous changes in the way workouts are performed with a specific end goal to augment their viability. Ben instructs you about very important hacks and tips to utilize different muscles when doing an exercise. Key to Ben’s primary emphasis is the safety and wellbeing of every bodybuilder. This project is exceedingly powerful for those individuals who effectively embed the principles of a solid and committed fitness program yet wish to expand their quality and strength.

The Program

The Mi40x bundle leaves truly no stone unturned when making the perfect fitness program for you. With inspiring videos to clarify ideas, numerous printable downloads and intensive pdfs, everything you need to be completely educated on effective training procedures is incorporated in the bundle. All things considered, everybody is encouraged to begin the three-week primer phase which is intended to get your body prepared for the profoundly successful yet rigorous training to come.

Stages 1&2 are procedures to boost the volume of muscle mass. These stages concentrate on training every single body part two times a week, with one session utilizing higher weight and the other accentuating higher repetitions. Stage 3 basically expands upon this with higher weights, which results in hypertrophy. Imperatively, Phase 4 endeavors to epitomize and solidify everything by focusing on quality training.

In Phase 5, the workouts are intended to give your central nervous system and muscles opportunity to rest and recover. Emulating this, Phase 6 focuses on conveying a precisely arranged “over-training” stage. Phase 7 does not need any specific training; however, it is the hyper recovery stage. Approved with a fantastic nutrition guide, this permits your body to continue working all the time even when you are resting.


It’s a proven fact that in order to get lean and strong you have to consume the right nutrition. Mi40x incorporates a few nutrition guides to help you construct a fruitful nutrition plan. An interesting part of this system is that the guides are custom-made to both your goals and to the particular period of training you are doing, conveying a personalized plan for your benefit. It is the closest thing to having a private fitness trainer work with you, and in addition to this Ben offers email guidance for any individual who has inquiries.

What do I get?

One thing that truly emerges about this package is the outstanding features of the training videos. By being able to actually see the strategies in action, you are directed to confirm safe and compelling replication and expanding your muscle mass. The Nutrition Manual is dedicated to maximize your intake of nutrient all through the training period and rest times, and cautious consideration is given to the nutrition guide which permits you to harness chemical procedures, even when you are taking rest. Also, the diet calculators and workout sheets can be printed out so that you can archive your advancement through the program’s different stages.


Consolidating the principles of Ben and executing the program will be the first and major step you take into changing your body fat into muscle fuel and accomplishing the figure you have constantly longed for. Not for the timid, this is an extremely convincing package best suited to genuine bodybuilders.

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